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Our store wants to support local authors and help you succeed. We are happy to carry your book.

Here are the guidelines:

1. We ask that you do a book signing before we carry your title. Although not required, it helps ensure a mutual benefit to both your work and our store. It is important that the author helps promote the event to let their readers know the book is available at our store. We are currently not scheduling local author signings. Please email me if you are interested in being notified about Local Author Events.

2. We do a 40/60 split on book sales. You will receive 60% of your sales during your signing. All book sales are done through our cash register inside our store. We will write you a check before you leave for your portion of the sales.

3. After your signing, we will buy 2 copies of your top selling title(s). We do not do consignment. When your title sells out, we will contact you for more copies. We encourage authors to help monitor their book's inventory in our store.

4. During your signing, we provide a table and 2 chairs. We will create a Facebook event and post your signing on our website. We will also request a posting on the mall's website. All other advertising/press releases, etc., are up to you.

5. Your book must be bound professionally. A barcode/ISBN is preferred, but not required.

6. Our store takes pride in promoting the 1st Amendment; however, if your book causes demonstrations or protests, the mall will not allow this on their property. My store will not promote books that are racist or violate human rights of any kind. The mall does not allow solicitation practices that interfere with the natural flow and traffic of the mall corridor. It is expected the author will be friendly, approachable and attentive to draw attention to their signing table. Stopping a customer to discuss your book is not allowed. Any microphones or 'readings' need to be pre-approved. Please request this when you contact us about your signing.

7. Please include a link to your book/website when you request a signing. You can do this on our contact us page.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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